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All of my designs may be purchased as an "Iron-On Transfer", in which case you would iron the design onto your own shirt. Detailed instructions will be provided. The price would reflect a $10 discount from the original shirt.

About my shirts: I use Guildan 100% Cotton, pre-shrunk, 6.1 oz. shirts exclusively. Having used every other shirt available at one time or another, I have found the Guildan shirt will not shrink, twist or behave strangely when laundered.

These ladies shirts are taped shoulder-to-shoulder with a feminine cut and narrow 5/8" ribbed neck in black or white with rhinestone colors of your choice. This design can also be ordered on the standard Guildan 6.1 oz. Men's style T-shirt (roomier) in the 15 colors listed on the "Nailhead" drop down page.

About my stones: I use Machine Cut rhinestones which are the best. "Bella M/C" machine cut rhinestones are in direct competition with Swarovski. While both brands of rhinestones are "machine cut", Swarovski still remains the best in quality and consistency with it's 14 cuts. Bella M/C comes in with 12 cuts which is often mistaken to be Swarosvki . To an untrained eye, Bella M/C and Swarovski look about the same.

These are NOT Korean or Chinese stones which are molded glass, then cut top and bottom by machine. Korean stones offer less than half the reflective quality than "Bella M/C" stones.

See contact page for ordering information.

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