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Welcome to my website! You may remember me as the Goldwing T-Shirt lady with my little boutique, from the many GWRRA California Chapter, District and Regional rallies I have attended as a vendor. I have the pleasure of knowing many of you by face and bike, if not by name.

With this website, I hope to continue providing you with quality T-Shirts without your having to wait for the next rally.

When looking for my popular Goldwing "So Many Roads" shirt or "Honda Boot" shirt, check out the Men's T-Shirt section. If you are looking for the the rhinestone Ladies Goldwing "BLING" T-shirts or Ladies Goldwing "Nailhead" shirts, go to Women's Apparel. My "Hair-do By Honda" hats and visors are in Accessories.

The rhinestones used in the Ladies "Bling" T-shirts are top quality American made machine cut stones, surpassed only by Swarovski.

We have just recently triked our pearl yellow 1800, so you can expect some “Trike" T-shirts coming in shortly . . . in ALL colors! Enjoy and “keep the shiny side up"!

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